SBAC Testing

Fountain Valley High School recently administered the practice tests from the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium. To help walk other schools through the process we’ve put together this page with the┬ámaterials we used for SBA testing in 2014.

We approached the SBA testing process as a professional development task for our staff.  Therefore, every teacher was involved in both training and facilitating testing with our junior class of students.  Teachers were organized into cross-curricular groups of four, assigned both non-lead and a lead roles during their assigned two days of testing.  The cross-curricular organizing was done intentionally, we wanted teachers to work with teachers from other departments to build collaborative culture and support the concept of Common Core cross-curricular education.

English teachers were paired primarily with Social Science and elective department teachers.  Science and math teachers were paired together and asked to take the lead role for the classroom math activity and Performance Task portion of testing on days two and four.

Because the size of our eleventh grade class exceeded the available technology on campus we used four days to test our students, dividing them up by English classes into groups A and B.  Likewise, our teachers were also divided up into groups A and B, which can be viewed on the Organizational charts.  We used Chromebook carts, one Macbook cart and computer labs to test 900+ eleventh grade students.

Documents included:

  1. Organizational Chart Days 1-2
  2. Organizational Chart Day 3-4
  3. Bell schedule
  4. Quick Guide Day 1 (we also used the script from the manual, the Quick Guide was designed to save time for teachers and reduce confusion)
  5. Quick Guide Day 2