Expected School-wide Learning Results
(An Agreed Upon Framework for Excellence in Support of Exemplary Practice)

Upon graduation, FVHS students will be:
Self-directed Learners who:
ΓÇó apply knowledge to their personal, academic or career goals
ΓÇó incorporates information and technology in a dynamic world
ΓÇó develop specialized interests and talents
ΓÇó work independently

Responsible Members of society who:
ΓÇó work well with others.
ΓÇó recognize the importance of a healthy lifestyle
ΓÇó demonstrate an acceptance of human individuality and diversity
ΓÇó demonstrate a positive work ethic

Effective Communicators who:
ΓÇó demonstrate proficiency in reading and listening
ΓÇó demonstrate proficiency in writing and speaking
ΓÇó locate, interpret, evaluate, organize, process and present
information using technology or appropriate resources
ΓÇó express creative and artistic abilities through a variety of media

Critical Thinkers who:
ΓÇó access and process information utilizing current technology
ΓÇó synthesize the information, skills and concepts acquired
through the curriculum
ΓÇó develop educated opinions and make well-informed choices
ΓÇó will apply knowledge to solve problems